Marketta Sihvo, Ph.D., a Finnish speech and voice therapist, introduced her LAX VOX -method giving workshops at numerous international voice conferences since early 1991. She got the idea to give her patients “tube and bottle” of water for phonating into water through a flexible silicon tube. Most of them were surprised, curious and liked it. In a few minutes the user can perceive the idea of healthy voice production. The tube is an easy tool to carry in the pocket or handbag and to be used to warm up and cool down the voice system before and after a demanding vocal task, or when necessary and for fun.
By adequate questions the laxvoxer may be led to insights, to consciousness and knowledge of the possibilities of own voice control and, obviously, of his or her (bad) vocal habits. Own insights are assuring and easy to believe, and clearer than any verbal explanations. This method teaches a way to help oneself, to prevent vocal failures and to find relief.
A Turkish laryngologist, Ilter Denizoglu, attended to Sihvo’s workshop at PEVOC 2003 in Graz. Later he used his professional knowledge to explain why the phonation into water through a tube is experienced so effective. He created a crucial supplement to Sihvo’s workshop with his excellent explanations on the interactions between anatomical physiological, physical and acoustical aspects.
To put it short, the oral pressure, increased by water, widens the vocal tract during phonation preventing harmful tensions in the laryngeal area. The tube between protruded lips serves as voice tract extension that has an impact on the sound.
The biofeedback helps the laxvoxer to become conscious of his or her way of healthy voice production.
LAX VOX Tube is a simple tool for immediately correct and facilitate the function of the vocal mechanism in short time. It changes the agent’s behavior and attitude bringing freedom and joy to voice use. Thus being a holistic method that affects the interaction of phonation, posture, breathing, laryngeal at all pitches. This is a cognitive approach giving multichannel biofeedback. Therefore LAX VOX tube is simple useful tool for starting voice cure, care and vocal education and adopting good vocal habits. Singers may apply laxvoxing into their normal exercises and singing tasks.

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