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maskVOX device is to provide free articulation during LaxVox Voice Therapy Technique. maskVOX is easly connected to pocketVOX and doctorVOX devices. The artificial elongation of the vocal tract and backpressure is the physical basis of the LVVT. maskVOX can be used in the treatment of voice and speech disorders. maskVOX is also a supportive device for singers, singing students and professional voice users. maskVOX is intended to be a therapeutic tool in singing voice therapy as well.

Warning: User must use maskVOX with pocketVOX or doctorVOX devices.┬áIf you don’t have pocketVOX or doctorVOX device, buy Package cheaper than products alone!


Product Description

Who may use the product?

  1. The dysphonic patients can use it especially for transfer of the new phonation skills to daily life (behavioural transfer)
  2. The singers can use the maskVOX for a better stage performance (warm-up before performance, cool-down after performance, train the registers, develop a mix/head register, and etc.)
  3. The singing students can use the device for developing the vocal registers and obtaining a proper passaggio.
  4. Patients with Speech disorders (especially fluency disorders) can use the whole doctorVOX set. (the scientific study will be published in the near future)
  5. Anyone who needs/aims for vocal fitness

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1 review for maskVOX for Speech and Singing

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I am a voice teacher and singer. I came across the DoctorVOX products in late 2016. They have revolutionized my teaching practice! I ordered a MaskVOX as soon as they came out. This device allows one to sing (or speak) words into the PocketVOX (as opposed to just "oo") extending the experience. I recently had an experience in which I knew I was going to have to sing(in rehearsal much longer than ideal, and I was concerned about vocal fatigue. I decided to use the MaskVOX throughout much of the rehearsal, and it was profoundly helpful - so that at the end of the day, my voice still felt comfortable and my tone remained at its optimal sound. I HIGHLY recommend these products to all singers (and professional speakers)!!

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