pocketVOX Voice Therapy and Vocal Training Tool uses the mechanisms of DoctorVox Voice Therapy Technique for voice therapy and professional voice development. The main mechanism involves artificial elongation of the vocal tract and a secondary vibrating resistance (i.e. water bubbles) for vocal tract inertance. The artificial elongation is provided by a built-in tube which is designed nearly the same length with the human vocal tract. It is designed for rehabilitation of dysphonic patients and habilitation of the professional voice users.


pocketVOX Voice Therapy and Vocal Training Tool is made of medical silicone and by its ergonomic design, it can be easily fit most of 50 cl. water bottles and a specially designed bottle for pocketVOX. You can carry device easily to everywhere.

There are two tube openings on the top. One of the tube is for the breathing outlet from any plastic water bottle. The other one which the user can (phonate) blow voice into water. The active length of the inner tube is about the same length with the human vocal tract so that standing waves form in a natural way. Maximum water height is designed to be below phonation threshold pressure.

There are signs on the phonation tube of pocketVOX which are for basses and alto sopranos (indicated by: al-ba), the length of the phonation tube is 28 cm (no cuts). For baritones and mezzosopranos (indicated by: me-ba) the user can cut the tube by scissors and adjust the length for himself/herself. For sopranos and tenors (indicated by so-te) it is 26 cm; for children (indicated by ch) it is 24cm.