Use some of doctorVOX Voice Therapy Device Tips:

doctorVOX gives you direct feedback of your voice system. You’ll see how much air you waste for phonation, you will feel the vibrations directly in your throat. For a proper mask feeling, it is essential to hear/feel the sound vibrations in your throat during laxvoxing. These data reflects the true detail and quality of your voice and gives you chance to make immediate improvements.

If you are preparing for a vocal performance, it is the safest way for your voice to warm-up and cool-down.


Singers working with doctorVOX  immediately produce better quality even with very few prior instruction, since they use the help of physics at the moment they start laxvoxing. We call this effect the ‘Sihvo’ effect which prolongs up to minutes even after using the device.

Some benefits you’ll enjoy with doctorVOX are better support and timbre, improved vowel quality, richer higher harmonics, more precise and balanced attacks and releases and better control of breathing and support.

Primal sound is the best friend of a professional singer. doctorVOX  helps you find your primal sound at ease. Your primal sound shows which vocal class you belong to (soprano-mezzo, tenor-barioton, etc.). It is the safest and most effective way to sing. Your primal sound gives you the largest tessitura and makes you feel more confident.

We appreciate your interest  in doctorVOX  and expect it’ll help your singing objectives.


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